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The Hill:Congressional intelligence panels failed to share info for two weeksAides cited office closures during the holidays as a reason for the delays.Denver Post:School system apologizes for 'highly insensitive' lunch menu honoring MLK Planned to serve 'southern style' chicken and collard greensWashington Post:Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes 'very much wanted to be a fiction writer' Philadelphia Inquirer:Gas drillers bid twice what Pa. expected for the right to extract natural gas from state forests Boston Globe:With stimulus funds gone, Mass. schools brace for deep cutbacks Chicago Sun-Times:Chicagounveils anti-violence campaign, including paid citizen safety patrols 'Dangerous stretches of streets around 12 Chicago public schools will be protected'USA Today:California considers nation's first statewide 'green' building code Washington Times:RNC members moncler maya jacket will urge Michael Steele to end book tourMotion to be made at winter meeting Fox News:GOP Fears Democrats Will Stall Swearing-In if Republican Scott Brown Wins Mass. Senate Race Washington Times:Justice Dept. rebuffs moncler jackets men subpoena in New Black Panthers election fraud caseProbe by U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is stymied Fox News/AP:Obama Team Has Too Many Vacancies, Report SaysWashington Post:Final health bill may be more lenient on employersStiff requirements on employer coverage opposed Politico:House Democrats assails Senate's proposed tax on high-end health care plans Washington Times:Democrats framing midterm campaign fight against Republicans GOP wants to turn back the clock on progress, they argue USA Today:Supreme court weighs extended sentences for 'sexually dangerous' inmates Washington Post:In Massachusetts, Republican Brown steps up campaign for Kennedy's Senate seat Boston Globe:Abortion takes center stage in Mass. Senate raceCandidates air attack ads in final week before special election BBC:Unicef child-death campaign in Africa 'failed' Unicef spent $27m from 2001-2005 on vaccinations, vitamin pills and mosquito bed nets BBC:China's central bank moves to curb overheating economy BBC:Saudi troops retake village from Yemen Houthi rebels Washington Times:Federal system of suspending crooked transportation contractors fraught with delaysBids roll in from subpar companies Washington Post:U.S. military's use of drones on the rise in Afghanistan BBC:Afghan anger over 'Koran burning' in KandaharProtesters allege that foreign troops burned a copy Washington Times:Taxpayers to pay for Fannie, Freddie aidTreasury removed caps on assistance Politico:President Obama's political arm,moncler puffer jackets Cheap Moncler Jackets Outlet Online (22), Organizing for America, under fire Washington Post:Advocacy group gives D.C. high mark for charter school laws Boston Globe:Group lambastes Mass. curbs on charter schoolsWarns restrictions jeopardize US aid San Francisco moncler outlet jackets Chronicle:California lawmakers advances bill to legalize, tax pot Washington Post:Palin says new book tells 'a lie' about her Politico:Steve Schmidt's war against Sarah Palin unprecedented Los Angeles Times:Senate race to unseat Boxer takes unexpected turnA three-way GOP primary may be in store Washington Post:FDIC pushes to rein in executive pay at banks Washington Post:Groups ask U.S. to regulate shipping of commercial bumblebees Washington Post:People's Mujaheddin swears it has changed its terrorist waysWants to be removed from State Department's list of international terrorist groups  Chicago Sun-Times:Baggage gripes down as fliers seek to avoid extra airline fees Los Angeles Times/AP:Beverly Hills to exclude non-district K-8 pupils Philadelphia Inquirer:In Bryn Mawr,moncler vest for men Cheap Moncler Jackets Outlet, cafe patrons are hooked on hookahsState's Clean Indoor Air Act doesn't mention hookah barsArizona Republic:McCain to tout sheriffs' endorsements -- but not Arpaio's Denver Post:Opposition to Christian campus in Denver suburb "overwhelming"Homeownes' assn. tried to sell 100 mens moncler jackets acres to faith-based university Denver Post:Vail ice climber in serious condition after 100-foot fall ,moncler nederland Cheap Moncler Jackets Outlet Online (18);Houston Chronicle:Reputed drug lord and vicious killer captured in Mexico Houston moncler hoody Chronicle:Cybill Shepherd's son arrested on suspicion of theftAccused of rifling hand luggage on airplane Palm Beach Post:Ivana Trump’s tabloid advice column pulled after plane ruckus Baltimore Sun:U.S. stimulus to fund 22 jobs to make Baltimore 'greener'Jobs will help reduce trash, bay pollution Baltimore Sun:Md. advocates back increase in state liquor tax St. Louis Post-Dispatch:Missouri Senate mulls plan to scrap personal income tax and corporate income tax Would substitute a higher sales tax on a broadened tax base Seattle Times:State Legislature weighs giving up control over university tuition hikesSchools want to set their own undergraduate tuition rates Sacramento Bee:U.S. court revives California inmate's racial discrimination moncler gueran lawsuit over prison lockdowns Miami Herald:Broward schools say no thanks to Obama's 'Race to the Top' initiativeWon't compete for millions of dollars in federal funding for education reform Providence Journal:R.I.'s experiment in selling unclaimed property on eBay called successfulState generated about $40,000 from 80 auctions  Featured Video Horrors! It's Gov't 'Regulated Activity'Scary! Leno Tougher on How President 'Lied' About ObamaCare Than NBC ReportersOTJ: Priest Has Mass Blocked by U.S. Government E-Brief






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